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BettaBurn to Firewood Fox

Mid year 2021 became the time to change our branding and move on in the world.
After much consultation and research we finally agreed on the new name Firewood Fox. By December we had designed our new logo and branding was looking very good. We also went further and now have a new phone number 08 8728 0881. January 2022 seemed the best time to start the year with the brand and name!
We would like all to embrace the new brand as it is here to stay.
Thankyou to all who helped support us through this crazy ride from BettaBurn to Firewood Fox!

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Our Story

Like every company, we have a story. 

This business started in the Winter of 2015 as part of a small project selling split Red Gum to the locals of Mt Gambier. It was decided initially to run for 4 weeks, the purpose of the project was to test the response of the business to the market.

However the work generated from the business meant it went from a small project to being busy for far more than a month!

It became apparent that was a lack of Professional Firewood suppliers in the area. The decision was made to expand the business with a Goal to become Mt Gambier’s Number 1 preferred Supplier of Quality Red Gum and Blue Gum Firewood.

A change in 2018 has meant further opportunities for the business.
New ownership and going to a full time business has opened up greater opportunities for all our loyal customers.

Fast Forward to December 2021 – we have updated our branding and we are now trading as Firewood Fox!